release notes

V 4.1.1 Cumulative update - 11/2022

Fixed Issues

  • #54: License checkout fails when no test libraries are available
  • #55: Unavailable libaries not properly disabled in task tree

V 4.1 Function and library update - 07/2022

Major Feature Updates

  • GUI redesign
  • Projects redesign
  • Lateral guidance library renewed
  • MXeval APP manager
  • Ground truth mapping for lateral guidance

Additional Feature Updates

  • Added user feedback form
  • Settings menu UI enhancements
  • Drag'n'drop functionality
  • New log window with improved performance
  • General GUI and performance enhancements
  • Multiple Y signals in custom XY and scatter plots
  • New code editor panel
  • Added evaluation notes for plots and KPIs
  • Plot interaction enhancements

Library Updates

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Weave Test: Optional channels for more flexibility
  • Bug fixes
  • Lateral Guidance
  • Completely restructured

Fixed Issues

  • #38: KPI correlation fails when individual files in a cluster fail to evaluate
  • #39: Log window slowing down evaluation procedure
  • #40: All correlation plots fail when a single plot cannot be created
  • #41: Plot alignment fails when plotting only constant values
  • #42: Evaluation of VS_QS fails when lateral acceleration at beginning is more then 4 m/s²
  • #43: Evaluation of VD_QS fails when the 3m/s² position can not be found
  • #44: Evaluation of VD_QS fails when lateral acc. not crossing 1m/s²
  • #46: Heatmap plot x data potentially shifted when plotting against time
  • #47: KPI Correlation configuration causing a crash when custom KPIs are removed

V 4.0 Function and library update - 01/2022

Major Feature Updates

  • Stability Control Library
  • Report Generator Customization
  • Custom Tests
  • Visualization Subplots
  • GPS Visualization Plots
  • Heatmap Visualization Plots

Additional Feature Updates

  • GUI enhancements
  • New observer trigger modes for unlocked files
  • Root configuration merge when updating MXeval
  • Installer files now for x64 architectures only
  • Report generator automatically stores last output directory
  • Added scatter plot type to custom plots
  • Updated channel IDs
  • GPS-Latitude: PosLatReAx > PosLat
  • GPS-Longitude: PosLonReAx > PosLon
  • Added custom channel configuration function to call MATLAB COM server
  • Added various additonal clustering methods

Library Updates

  • New Library: Stability Control
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Moved Sine With Dwell test to new Stabiliy Control Library
  • Lateral Guidance
  • Changed Test and Library IDs: LKAS > LAG
  • Longitudinal Guidance
  • Changed Test and Library IDs: ACC > LOG

Fixed Issues

  • #27: KPI configuration in KPI Correlation configuration mixed up in some Longitudinal Guidance tests
  • #28: Incorrect input data validation when importing specific datatypes
  • #29: MDF import fails when signal names have more then 63 characters
  • #30: Observer mode "change" triggers wrong files for evalation regardless of filter settings
  • #31: KPI Correlation fails when KPIs have NaN values
  • #32: Startup of MXeval fails in license specific scenarios
  • #33: License checkout fails when license path has non UTF-8 conform characters
  • #34: Channel configuration icons corrupted when importing projects from another machine
  • #35: Evaluation fails when inf/nan samples are removed in combination with unassinged channel
  • #37: File cluster gui crashing after removing all cluster names

V 3.2 Function and library update - 07/2021

Major Feature Updates

  • KPI Correlation
  • GUI Redesign

Additional Feature Updates

  • Command line installer for client installation
  • Manual/Automatic axis limit specification
  • GUI enhancements
  • Customizable plot colormaps
  • Added copy to clipboard feature to visualization and correlation plots
  • Added snapshot, clipboard and white background feature to external plot windows
  • Automatic detection of channel configuration type based on a selected configuration file
  • Added splash screen during runtime startup
  • HTML report updates/enhancements
  • Online mode no longer requires observer mode
  • KPI export now supports .csv format
  • Automatic export of numeric KPI results to html report
  • Speed and performance enhancements
  • Menu bar mnemonic accelerators
  • Channel configuration auto scan
  • Added MXeval default data format parser
  • Colormap clustering for visualization plots

Library Updates

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Frequency Response: Stability enhancements.
  • Slalom: New KPIs and offset correction.

Discontinued Features

  • PDF report format

Fixed Issues

  • #16: Startup problems when using floating licenses
  • #17: Custom channel configuration function ccc_cropData not working with time specification
  • #18: Runtime log file not generated
  • #19: Error updating KPI tables when no KPIs are shown
  • #20: Error when no visualization plot is activated
  • #21: "Evaluate" button stays enabled when switching from an active test to a blank one
  • #22: Plot legend placed in wrong plot window when plotting erg or mdf channel data
  • #23: Error during import of projects that do not have evaluation settings
  • #24: Radius is not calculated for negative values in VD_SC
  • #25: Evaluation of VD_SC does fail if no SWA and SWT given
  • #26: MDF import fails in user specific scenarios

V 3.1 Function and library update - 01/2021

  • Major Feature Updates
  • Custom channels
  • Custom plots
  • Interactive html report
  • Relative KPI overview
  • File clustering

  • Log message notification improvements
  • Performance + Stability enhancements
  • Code Editor for Custom KPI settings
  • Improved input data validation
  • Channeldata plausibility check
  • Zero channel detection
  • Required/optional/custom indicator at standard channel configuration
  • Customizable Simulink Signal Collector
  • Keyboard control enhancements
  • Online mode now supports direct switching to the next test
  • Added .png and .fig figure export
  • Plausibility check for numeric evaluation settings
  • Admin privileges no longer required to run the software
  • Automatic figure export in observer mode evaluations

  • MXeval functions library V3.1
  • Vehicle Dynamics:
  • Weave Test: Minor KPI updates
  • Step Input: Entirely redeveloped evaluation function with new KPIs and features
  • Frequency Response: Entirely redeveloped evaluation function with new KPIs and features
  • Quasi Static: Entirely redeveloped evaluation function with new KPIs and features
  • Steady State:
  • Entirely redeveloped evaluation function with new KPIs and features
  • Maneuver changed from stationary circular test to quasi steady state circular test
  • Sine with Dwell: New test!
  • Slalom: New test!
  • LKAS: Remove "Mode" option from Free Run evaluation. Merge mode can now be accomplished using the file cluster feature
  • ACC: Delta Velocity channels now optional for all ACC tests. If not provided, the delta velocity is calculated from hunter and target velocity

  • Fixed Issues
  • #11: unplausible KPI values of non-assigned channels
  • #12: error during custom KPI calculation in LKAS - Free Run evaluation in "merge" mode
  • #13: changes from options menu not applied when evaluating directly afterwards 
  • #14: GUI frozen after plotting selected channel data
  • #15: misaligned visualization of cropping boundaries in data cropping window

V 3.0 Function and library update - 07/2020

  • Native support for mdf files (V3 + V4)
  • Templates for the global configuration manager
  • GUI + usability improvements
  • Standard channel configuration generic for all tests including channel descriptions
  • Standard channel configuration supports direct input of values or MATLAB code
  • Data input validation (class, size, nan, inf)
  • Simulink Signal Collector block + global channel configuration
  • ClearMCRCache tool for urgent troubleshooting
  • KPI namespace (and unit) conversion
  • Plot information labels
  • Standardization of all non-scalar numeric input channels to 1D (effects GPS position channels -> separate Lat and Lon channels)
  • Save and load projects
  • Evaluation settings description directly in GUI
  • Demo Data Browser with example data for each test
  • Software update check
  • Re-designed user guide 
  • Additional library user guides with KPI and maneuver description
  • Custom channel configuration wrapper functions
  • Improved error handling
  • Automatic KPI export for observer mod
  • Plot export

  • MXeval functions library V3.0
  • LKAS
  • Free Run: Auto detection for LKAS State, Improved Ground Truth Calculation
  • ACC library added
  • Approaching Standing Target
  • Approaching Target
  • Hunter Cut Out
  • Stationary Drive
  • Target Accelerating
  • Target Braking
  • Target Cut In
  • Target Cut Out
  • Transient Response

  • Fixed Issues
  • #5: Error when reshaping 2xN input data (GPS positions) 
  • #6: Unplausible drift velocity calculation in Free Run Ground Truth evaluation
  • #7: Error when opening the info menu in evaluation settings

V 2.1.1 Cumulative update - 01/2020

  • Report generator stability improvements
  • MXeval functions library V2.1.1
  • Fixed Issues
  • #1: Channels Boundaries configuration 
  • #2: Free Run Report – Single evaluation
  • #3: GUI frozen after custom channel configuration error
  • #4: Error during UN ECE R79 Functional Test at certain sample rates

V 2.1 Official release - 12/2019

  • MXeval functions library V2.1 with updates in the lane keeping library
  • User interface updates
  • Usability and performance improvements
  • Bugfixes
  • Global Channel Configurations
  • Improved error handling with extensive session log
  • Popup editor for custom channel configuration
  • Plot interaction tools
  • New filters in filter designer
  • Customizable summary functions
  • Native support for IPG CarMaker .erg files
  • Data plausibility check

V 2.0 Official release - 08/2019

  • MXeval functions library V2.0 including the lane keeping library
  • User interface redesign with focus on usability
  • Online Mode for in vehicle usage including observer mode for automated maneuver evaluation during test drives
  • Data cropping and filtering
  • Custom channel configuration via MATLAB script
  • Custom KPI calculation via MATLAB script
  • KPI Summary for all results at a glance
  • LaTex based automated report generation

V 1.0 Non official release - 07/2018

V 0.1 Pre-release for demo purpose - 06/2018

 No export option available for the calculated parameters

 Only Weave Test available

 No data filtering available